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Custom connections "All seats already activated." error

Started by Simone Scarduzio -   in API Authentication

Hi Xero community and support,

I have purchased the subscription to Custom Connections. It's been working great, until I edited the app to add a few scopes.

This is what happened in the details:

- I had the custom connections app working nicely
- decided to add scopes, so I edited the app and added the scopes
- now I need to confirm the change via the re-authorization via email
- I receive the email, but the Authorize button is grayed out and says "All seats already activated."
- Resent the email 2 times, same error
- Deleted and recreated the app (with all the scopes), same error.

See the screenshot of the error: https://imgur.com/UQHlm2d

I do not understand what this error is about, and I cannot resolve it myself. Please advise ASAP, I'm already very late to finish this integration :(
This was a technical issue that was resolved by Xero support in around 48 from the initial report.

Simone Scarduzio