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Batch payments created via API are impossible to reconcile in Xero

Started by Gerard D'Rozario -   in SDKs

We are using the CreateBatchPaymentAsync() call to add a collection of payments (each invoice has a single payment). We are batching payments to reduce the API calls and stay within Xero limits. That works fine.

In Xero, if the operator looks at an Invoice all looks fine. If the payment for that invoice are examined they see ALL payments in the batch, including the one related to that invoice. That's problem one (not a show stopper but def not ideal).

2nd problem is a show stopper - when trying to reconcile Xero does seem to be able to match an invoice against a payment. If the batch had 50 invoices and 50 payments totalling $5000, and Invoice #1 was for $999 there seems to be no way to locate a payment of $999 (on the reconcile screen). In fact reconciliation seems impossible.

Any suggestions?
The advice in Xero Central suggests:

"If the payments show as separate lines on your bank statement rather than as a single payment, reconcile the statement lines with the individual transactions rather than the batch. To do this:

Find the batch payment or batch deposit and note down all the bills or invoices included.
Delete the batch payment or batch deposit to remove all payments and return the transactions to awaiting payment status.
Reconcile each bank statement line with the individual invoice or bill as normal".

This means that you should only use the batch payments endpoint for payments that were actually paid for together in real life.

You can create multiple single payments in one API call to keep within the rate limit.

Sally C (Community Manager)