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Editing/Creating Invoices via 3rd Party

Started by Lorne Bobart -   in Getting Started

So would like to be able to pretty much add a page to my website that lets you create/edit an invoice and saves it to my database and also add thatg invoice to xero aswell, also when you edit a invoice on my database it also edit the one saved to xero.
This is possible using the API.

Are you going to be building this yourself or are you looking for a developer to help you?

If you are building the integration yourself there is a lot of content in the Developer Help Centre

We also have videos guides on YouTube and you can ask for coding and debugging help on StackOverflow

YouTube: Xero Developer channel

StackOverflow: xero-api tagged

If you need help, you can post in the Find a Developer section of this community.

If you have an ecommerce website, there are prebuilt apps to connect the popular sites to Xero, in the App Store

Sally C (Community Manager)