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How do I download the PHP API?

Started by Wayne Swart -   in Getting Started

Hey guys.

I have installed-and successfully authenticated my developer app on Laravel using webfox/laravel-xero-oauth2. I actually have a token to work with now.

My question is, on the webfox/laravel-xero-oauth2 GitHub page the author mentions that his package only handles the authentication part and that we should use the default API for our calls.

Once you've have an instance of \XeroAPI\XeroPHP\Api\AccountingApi::class you're dealing directly with Xero's api library

Where on earth do I download and install these libraries? The \XeroAPI\XeroPHP\Api\AccountingApi library. I can't seem to find that anywhere.

Thanks for the help.
Here is a link to our Github page for PHP and our documentation for the various methods

Sally C (Community Manager)