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openid scope not providing email and names in JWT Token

Started by Stamati Crook -   in API Authentication

Attempting to use just openid scope with .NET.
JWT Token comes back but I cannot see the email, given_name, and famility_name values in the JWT Claims. I need these for the alternative sign on screen.
I have a workaround which is to access the accounting.settings.read scope and get the user and organisation.
But the documentation says I should be able to get the email and first and last name from the JWT token with just openid scope. I am using a NET library to unencode the JWT.
The access token is a JSON Web Token (JWT) which can be decoded to a JSON object containing information about the user and the authentication performed.

The JWT token provides the user id for the user who made the connection but does not directly return the user's details.

You need the open_id, profile and email scopes to retrieve the relevant information from Xero.


Sally C (Community Manager)