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How to view active connections

Started by Michael Newman -   in API Authentication

Hi All,

Is anyone aware of a way to see a list of connections to my OAuth app? The developer console is showing 25 connections but I do not believe we actually have that many. Is there a way i can disconnection old clients from the developer console?

Kind Regards
Official Xero Reply
Hey Michael,

We have a few places in the Developer Portal to see the total connection count: on the App Listing page, the App Configuration page & the History page. This count is all connections to your app, excluding Demo orgs.

There is no list in the Developer Portal of active tenants, however, you can check which tenants you're authorised to access using a GET from the connections endpoint. The documentation can be found here:

Or here if you're PKCE:

In order to remove a connection, you can just call the DELETE endpoint. Documentation is here:

Or here if you're PKCE:

Hopefully that gets you back up and running!

Daniel Reed (Xero Staff)