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Need to fetch Description for Account Transactions using API

Started by Sakshi Gupta -   in API Endpoints

Hello Team,

We have a requirement to fetch the Account Transactions using XERO Apis. I am using Bank Transactions endpoint for this. I am taking the reference from the following link: https://developer.xero.com/documentation/api/accounting/banktransactions/#get-banktransactions

But I am not getting the "Description" field in the response. Does anyone have any idea how to fetch the description field as well?

Sakshi Gupta
Do you get any of the line items in your response?

Mike Edwards  

Hey Sakshi,

If you're not using Paging then the line items will not show up. And in that case the description will not be returned (I am assuming you're talking about the line items descriptions).

To get the line items descriptions, you need to fetch the bank transactions individually, or using paging.


Keertika Chandola (Community Manager)