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An error occurred in Xero (API Explorer)

Started by Alan Fox -   in API Endpoints

I'm trying to using the api-explorer to "delete" a payment.

It returns the payment data fine but when I change the operation to "delete payment" I get

{"Title":"An error occurred","Detail":"An error occurred in Xero. Check the API Status page http://status.developer.xero.com for current service status.","Status":500,"Instance":"93332505-df58-475b-a73b-a44c8cd6ae34"}

I'm using the api-explorer so its not like my "code" is wrong - but I've tried it through the API (PHP) and it returns the same response

Any ideas what the problem is?
I was trying to delete a payment from a 'batch payment' so that may have been the issue

Alan Fox  

Hey Alan,

Unfortunately we do not allow deleting individual payments from a batch so you're right that must have been the issue.


Keertika Chandola (Community Manager)