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Payway - OneSaas - Xero Integration error

Started by Tony Njanja -   in Add-ons

Has anyone seen an error like this before? I use OneSaas to sync Payway with Xero and I've always received this error message.

#1467797979696 CRN 73453 could not be attached to an invoice. Could not find an invoice with this PO number.
Not really sure about that one, have you been in touch with OneSaas for assistance?

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)  

I've been trying to get to OneSaas but no response yet.

Tony Njanja  

I have received a response from OneSaas and a recommendation too on how it can be resolved. Thanks Ronan.

Tony Njanja  

No problem Tosin, glad we you are up and running :)

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)  

I am just setting up a new client. Is OneSaas the only application available to integrate Payway with Xero? I've had a number of conversations with Xero and they never have any idea what I am talking about or offer any solution. How are you finding OneSaas?
Thanks in advance,

Alexandra Brown  

Hey Alex,

Though Onesaas support was great, ultimately it was buggy and resulted in far more admin and errors than less; as we are in education, we don't charge GST and Onesaas had trouble with this.

We stopped using Onesaas a few weeks ago.

Tony Njanja