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Payroll add on - Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man

Started by David Pearce -   in Find a Developer

Based in Jersey and UK payroll is just not relevant.

Need payroll app that integrates with Global Xero.

Need interface with local authority for employer payroll returns.

Need additional functionality in Xero payroll - Global.

Would love to develop myself, but no knowledge of API or app develpoment
Hi David

Thank you for posting.
That sounds like an interesting proposition.

We would love to chat further! You can contact
us at stu@redarc.systems


Stu Hawkins  

Hi Stu

Thanks for coming back to me.

Have sent you an email.


David Pearce  

Hi Dave,

We are also Xero developers based in UK, you can contact me on matt.flanagan@bluehub.co.uk or book a call with my colleague Guy - https://calendly.com/bluehub-guy/free-consultation



Matt Flanagan  

Thanks Matt, will take you up on both. Much appreciated

David Pearce  

I might be interested in a Jersey payroll app too. Let me know if things progress.

Bill Baker  

Hi Bill, nothing progressed yet, but I'm contemplating regularly. Xero Global has a 'Pay Run' functionality which is the best fit for a Jersey payroll so far.

There are payroll software solution available which do not interface with the accounting software, but in this day and age one should be able have integrated accounting and payroll software.

David Pearce  

Hi David
At Paymaster Solutions Limited we provide Payroll Software for Jersey.
Our software is written logically and is easy to use.
We can interface with any accounting system.
The software is professionally built using SQL and c#
If you would like to know more, please get in touch info@paymastersolutions.com

Kind regards


Andrew Binet  

We provide payroll to offshore jurisdictions including Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man.

Andrew Binet  

Hi All,

We could create an add-on for Jersey, but given the market is so small it's hard to create a commercially viable solution. Being honest, think about what would you pay?

SOJ API's are a bit thin on the ground at the moment, but wee could create a solution could produce the files that can be upload to the SOJ Tax Portal for
- ITIS returns
- soc sec contributions schedules
- manpower returns
- benefit in kind (BIK) returns

In the first instance a Xero Add-on solution could create these spreadsheets for the employer. Someone in the employer Payroll/HR could then check them and upload them to the SOJ Tax portal until there is an API to do this.

David, Bill how much would you pay for a solution? Would an on boarding fee in the region of £2.5k (set up, training, ongoing email support, etc) and then a subscription fee of £10 per payroll person per month seem feasible?

Kind regards,

Simon Jackson  

Hi Si,

Yes, I agree with everything you say.

I would definitely pay up to the cost saving it made me if I was receiving a better solution.

I think your costings are pretty spot on to be commercially viable. I also agree that you would get some resistance from certain smaller businesses. However, serious start up smaller businesses could definitely benefit from a decent integrated accounting and payroll solution.

I feel it is inevitable that a portal solution is the long term solution, but not sure how long it will take. The solution you have proposed would be welcomed with open arms.



David Pearce  

Hi David

I notice early in the thread that you mention that the Pay Run function is best for Jersey at the moment. I am new to Xero and trying to work out a way to record the monthly salaries; my question is does using the pay run function 'put' the amounts in the right codes in Chart of Accounts as I can't see them codes anywhere. We were going to put the Wages into Xero as Spend but just looking for something more adaptable.


Brenda Syvret  

Hi Brenda
Can I please ask your bookkeeping experience is, so I can tailor a suitable response?
Kind regards

David Pearce  

Hi David

Thank you for replying.

That's a difficult one to answer. I am self taught but with lots of experience, including salaries, but it's mostly been Sage. I am only really up to Trial Balance level, and that was before such lovely accounting packages that we have now :-)

Best Regards

Brenda Syvret