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Developer needed to get Xero API Authentication to refresh on cron

Started by Kyle C -   in Find a Developer


We have developed our billing to integrate with Xero fine. We have to authenticate at the moment using the web authentication. Have struggled to get this to work on CRON so that it keeps the token refreshed and we don't need to keep login on to authenticate.

We are using PHP.

Can anyone help? - hopefully this is simple but will pay for your time.

Hello Kyle,

Yes, I can help you with this. Please reach out to me at chintan@satvasolutions.com

My expertise is in .NET & #C but yes based on your draft I do not think it is a lot of work so I can help you with PHP itself to get it running.


Chintan Prajapati  

Hi Kyle

Yes that’s something I could certainly help you with.

Xero will themselves admit that their OAuth 2.0 flow is far from straight forward. We have a PHP solution in place that we could seamlessly integrate with your billing system.

Please DM me with more details on nick@glidedigital.co.uk so I can give you an idea of the likely lead times.



Nick Tingay
Glide Digital Ltd
T. +44 845 094 9724
M. +44 7855 814684

Nick Tingay  

Hi Kyle,

We've developed similar application before. We're running cron job and call the refreshtoken api in the cronjob. Please feel free to contact me at samit@avance.technology when you get a chance.


Samit Baral