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Webhook "Intent to receive" not hitting our server. No 200 response.

Started by Adam Lambert -   in Getting Started

I have set up the intent to receive logic and tested it through postman. It seems to work fine, giving either a 200 response or 401 depending on the request:


GET /xero/webhook HTTP/1.1
Host: ***
x-xero-signature: OQxnLDe1K6Wm7acYynNdHCGXIYQJLQnkH8fAtLZjNCM=
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 89

JSON BODY (Cant post!)

Response: 200 (empty body)

When I try to run the intent to receive through Xero, it always says "Response not 200. Learn more"

I have added logging to my route prior to any of the validation logic, and am not seeing anything... suggesting that Xero is not actually hitting the endpoint.
Ah... It needs to be post... My bad

Adam Lambert