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Stripe Connect application fee

Started by Flon Mackenzie -   in Getting Started

I'm having issues with getting an application fee (Stripe Connect) from Stripe to show up in a Xero feed for reconciliation as the application fee and the Stripe fees are bundled together for the connected stripe account.

The application fee includes tax (GST) and the stripe fee does not so they need to be split.
Any suggestions or how to deal with this?

I am not familiar with Xero is there a way I can generate a csv to import to help with reconciliation?
This must be a common issue with SaaS platforms that charge an application fee to the connected account via Stripe.

Currently the Stripe bank feed integration is set up in Xero but as mentioned above there is no way to split the fee.

Just trying to get a sense of which are to look.
I would suggest checking out this article which describes a number of scenarios: https://central.xero.com/s/article/Reconcile-Stripe-payments

If this doesn't resolve the issue then please raise a case with our support team.

Robin Blackstone (Community Manager)