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XeroApiException: PRIVATE apps have been disabled by an Admin

Started by Alison Frith -   in API Authentication

I am now getting a Xero.Api.Infrastructure.Exceptions.XeroApiException: PRIVATE apps have been disabled by a Xero administrator.

I believe it is related to the changeover to OAUTH2 (even though it is only deprecated not Obsolete atm) as the system uses a certificate based authentication system. Is there any solution to use this now, the OAUTH 2 stuff requires rewriting large sections of the auth code as well as changing the version of .NET significantly (essentially a full rebuild).

I created a new app in Xero for testing purposes but did not touch the old app at all.

Can I get a bit of assistance or troubleshooting advice as this is mission critical code.
I have verified the last change to the xero app was march last year.