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Multiple people use test site .. how to verify

Started by Adam Hughes -   in Getting Started

I have multiple devs wanting to access the test site and community .. how do they all use the same login and get 2 factor authentication ... how is one test site meant to support multiple people wanting to use it.
This is a real pain for us too, not just the login, but having to deal with the test company resetting every 30 days. Our solution is to have everyone set up their 2FA at the same time and sync to the same code, but we've only have do do that with 2 people so far!

VAS Application User  

Come on XERO .. please explain ... there must be lots of dev companies in this situation.
Help please.

Adam Hughes  

We generally suggest that each developer has their own login. They'll then each be able to login independently of each other. The demo company is unique to each user, so each would have their own, however you could use free trials for testing, and then invite each of your developers in as users.

With regard to registering apps, you can currently only grant a single user access. However once the app has been setup there isn't generally any need to continually access it - with the exception of viewing the history screens.

We can add additional users to an app if required. Please reach out to our API support team if you require this actioning.

Robin Blackstone (Community Manager)