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Python Script - upgrade to oauth 2.0

Started by Brent Swann -   in Find a Developer


I have a great piece of software which I have been using since 2013 which is Python script based and using oauth 1 but now requires oauth 2 since xero has upgraded this requirement. The script imports information from my Trade Me and Xero accounts, then exports the information into Xero as an invoice with contact, address and order details. Just the oauth needs upgrading to 2.0 - idea on pricing and timeframe please? Thanks.
Hi Brent

I've completed recent Xero integrations using Python so I can help you with this.

I'd need to see the code to give you an estimate.

Please contact me at info@originalmind.com.au and we'll take it from there.


Joe Niland  

Thanks I will send an email now.

Brent Swann  

Hello Brent,

I work with .NET & #C but recently I have helped developers with PHP and Core Java to complete the OAuth 2.0 upgrade.

Just in case any help is needed, you can reach out to me at chintan@satvasolutions.com


Chintan Prajapati  

Hi Brent,

If the issue isn't addressed yet, We can assist you in upgrading your software to OAuth2.0. We are a Sydney-based company with a branch in London, UK. and we've been listed on the Xero developer website as their trusted partner. as you can see here:

You can have a free consulting session with our experts to clarify the details of your requirements.

Please contact me via email.
Kind Regards,

Narges Aliola  

Hi Brent,

We have been using OAUTH 2.0 using python for 2 years now and can certainly help you with it.To discuss it further, please find me at samit@avance.technology


Samit Baral