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Started by Zapryan Zapryanov -   in Getting Started

we're trying to integrate our website invoices with Xero, but when an user connects the app and creates an invoice only he can see the invoice (we still work with Demo company).
What I do when the user connects is that I store the tenant id and the access/refresh token and later I reuse or refresh the access token if needed but tenant id stays the same (presuming it's the company connected to and every user can see it's documents)
From the connections I can see that different users receive different tenant id's, but again they see only their own documents

Am I right to store only 1 tenant id and use it for all users? The how they all share documents

The demo company is unique to each user, as such if each user logs in, they'll see a slightly different set of invoices. For testing we would suggest using a free trial instead, with a trial you can invite each user in to the same organisation. You should then find that the tenant ID does not change.

Robin Blackstone (Community Manager)