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signature problem for patner application

Started by sakthi prabhakaran -   in API Authentication

Hi Team,

I am using xero demo for developing a private application . In this i have given the public key certificate to xero while creating the organisation. Now I am using PHP code to put invoice (sample) data. It showing the error


Kindly advise for the same.

Hi Team,

Once uploaded my server public key it shown all my server details and in right side panel it shows the customer and secret keys. Then how can i get the public and private key pair to use inside the xero php code. Kindly advise

Note: I am using cpanel

Sakthi Prabhakaran


sakthi prabhakaran  

Have you copied those values into the correct place in the php script as the sample code indicates?

The other common error is mixing up the private key and public cert files or not having the file path correct

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)