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Xero invoice integration

Started by Mike Modgill -   in Find a Developer

We are an Auckland based embroidery company, and we have custom built system that runs our manufacturing process. It is mssql based and is written with asp.net

When a job is closed off and invoiced, and email is sent to our clients with a pdf invoice and courier tracking details.

A lot of my customers are now using Xero, and I would like automate their process for getting the invoice into their Xero.

Is this possible and is there anybody here with experience in this that could help.
Hi Mike!
Definitely that would be a great service to offer to your customers.
If you use Xero yourselves then you could integrate your custom system to your Xero org, and Xero could take it from there. Your development team should be able to handle this and we would be happy to work with them to fast-track this - we've done it before :)

If you aren't currently using Xero (and why wouldn't you?!), there would still be options..

Happy to chat further - just drop me an email - stu@redarc.systems

Have a great weekend and looking forward to discussing!

Stu Hawkins  

Hi Mike, This is something we have expertise in and would love to collaborate on. Where can I reach out to you for details?

RIKSOF is an agency, based out of Karachi, delivering custom mobile and web application development services to customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Our biggest strength is the team's track record of taking projects past the finish line under any circumstance.

Skype: sales.riksof
Email: info@riksof.com

RIKSOF Private Limited  

Hi Mike

DataDear add-on has an option to POST (inXero) a Invoices directly from Excel - this may be a quick and easy way how to insert your invoices into Xero without any development.

Neville Micallef  

Hi Mike,

A simple (and probably cheaper) option for direct integration could be to connect Zapier to extract the published invoice and push that into Xero. Zapier is like a "glue" for different web and (some local data) applications. Zapier is a $20/month (ish) subscription service, and I use it for a heap of different things!

Happy to discuss how we might be able to help with that - I have done a few Zapier connections with Xero in the past.


Scott Barber  

We have a issue with XERO Annervesery Invoiceing and am looking for some help on this
We are a New Zealand Auckland based Incorperated Society with 5 branches
Our membership Sub is made up of a number of Items (Sub, Branch Sub etc) and the rates for these can chamge from year-to-year
The primery issue is how to update these. Xero requires us to go into each one and change it howeverwith 1,450 invoices consisting of two items (sometimes more0n this is not paractable
Has anyone any experiance with this?

Chris Curlett