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Generate Invoices from custom eCommerce Website

Started by Daniel Rogers -   in Getting Started

Can some one in simple terms point me in the right direction.

I want create invoices on the server side of my Umbraco website in c# MVC when a customer goes through the checkout processes.

process would be

1. Generate a Draft invoice in zero (including client, products)
2. Retrieve the Inv number back
3. Process payment in eWay (Completed)
4. On successfully payment Approve draft invoice in xero
5. Email approved invoice to customer out of xero

(optional extras at a later date would be to generate purchace orders)

All the examples have a user login window to do the authentication I need this to be done silently by the server.

Once I get the authentication done I think the rest looks rather easy.

There are a few "machine to machine" solutions around that allow you to remove the need to go through the user login each time, some of which are detailed on this forum.

Mike Edwards