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Looking for a VB.NET developer to help modify winforms app integration to work with new Oauth2

Started by David Jeffrey -   in Find a Developer

We've got some in-house software, VB.NET desktop software that currently does a handful of Xero integrations, creating invoices, creating clients, checking on payment statuses, is about it.

Documentation for the OAuth2 stuff looks confusing, so would be happy to engage a developer whose done something similar VB.NET > Xero OAuth2 migration. Really just need a class that handles the token/auth stuff and functions for those operations mentioned above.

Email me at david@icreate.agency if you can help
Hello David,

That is understandable. I have done such a migration for 2 clients recently. They are now moved to OAuth 2. I will be able to help. I have sent an email to the mentioned address.

Looking forward to talking with you.

​+44 1212858052
​+61 280743730

Chintan Prajapati  

Hello. I've got a couple of emails from developers that have offering their services. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

In the days since posting this, I did spend a couple more trial and error sessions working on this, and did end up getting Authentication working.

I will still have to rewrite parts of my application, but think I'm on the right track now (when I posted looking for external help I was ready to throw in the towel :-) ).

When I've got something a bit more fleshed out I'll share the code on a github incase anyone is looking for a VB.NET example.

David Jeffrey