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Token Rejected when calling Xero API

Started by Dryrun Team -   in Partner Program

I'm using the .NET Xero API and just implemented the partner authentication using the Entrust certificate. I implemented a custom token store that saves all the token data in an SQL database. All of the columns are saving correctly, however, everytime I try to access the api I get the following error:

oauth_problem_advice=token does not match expected access token

I have been able to find a little information on this. On the Xero OAuth page it reads that the resolution involves saving "session handle". The following is from the site:

Resolution: Store the session handle and use it when renewing the access token.

If this is the correct way to handle this, how can I retrieve the session handle information?
Official Xero Reply
Xero will begin to deprecate Entrust Certificates for Xero Partner Apps in 2017


Sidney Maestre (Community Manager)