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Regarding xero app certification checkpoints

Started by Dhaneshwar Singh -   in Partner Program


We are working on the application on which we are exporting the Xero org data and stored that into a one drive. and after that, we are importing those data into the new Xero organization. so my question is - in that case, do we need to cover all the checkpoints that fall under "Required if posting or putting data"?
here are the checkpoints which I think we should not work on that, so can you please guide us, what are the checkpoints that need to be covered.

Checkpoint 12: account mapping
Checkpoint 13: currency
Checkpoint 14: rounding
Checkpoint 15: taxes
Checkpoint 16: payment account mapping
Hi Daneshwar.

The main points will be related to the connection, proper handling of multiple orgs, and enabling the disconnection of an org.

The rest of the checkpoints are relevant if you are interacting with those endpoints. If you are not dealing with matching accounts (12), currency (13), posting invoice data (15), or posting payments (16) you don't need to worry about these checkpoints.

Christopher Knight (Xero Staff)  

Hi Christopher, Thanks for your prompt response, I appreciate that. but I'm still confused, we are posting an invoice data, payment data from one Xero organization to another Xero organization( we are not posting any third-party data into Xero) using the post/put API so in that case, do we need to cover these points.

Dhaneshwar Singh  

Have you completed the following form: https://developer.xero.com/partner/app-partner/#steps-to-becoming-an-app-partner

That will get you in touch with your regional developer evangelist, who can meet with you and. answer all your partnership questions.

In general though, you should use the checkpoints as a guide to make sure you are following best practices for the endpoints you are using.

Christopher Knight (Xero Staff)