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Looking for Xero Developer for assistance with CRM/Invoice chasing

Started by Yehuda Neuberger -   in Find a Developer

I work for a charity. We have a number of people who make pledges to the charity which we enter into Xero as invoices, but these need chasing up. None of the debtor software that I have reviewed can really cope with this.

I am looking for a developer to help in building a resource that will;
-integrate with Xero to get invoice and payment details
-report the status of the invoices
-show contact details
-be able to log emails/calls/messages to the contact
-be able to schedule next calls etc.

Hello Yehuda,

This all sounds possible. These kinds of features are mostly included in any standard CRM (customer relationship management) software.

Developing custom CRM should be the last choice, there are multiple options I can think of like choosing CRM which already integrates with Xero, or Choosing CRM which has all features you want, and then make a bridge between Xero and CRM so that they can talk.

Let's discuss more about this in detail? to find out the best possible way to fulfill your needs. here is my email - chintan@satvasolutions.com


Chintan Prajapati  

Hi Yehuda

My advice would be to customise or extend an existing Debtor (or CRM) solution; creating a custom bridge between the two.

But this would only be achievable with certain CRM solutions which would need to fulfil the following criteria:
1. self-hosted
2. open source or
3. (bare minimum) an accessible database underneath

Drop me an email if you want to discuss further: nick@glidedigital.co.uk



Nick Tingay
Glide Digital Ltd
T. 0845 094 9724
M. 07855 814684

Nick Tingay