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Becoming a Xero App Partner for an internal product?

Started by Liam Burns -   in Partner Program

We have an internal company product that manages the data for more than 25 businesses and we are planning to grow this number.

We want to get the bank account details from Xero and use them in our product so that the details only need to be updated in one place: Xero.

Each business has its own Xero organisation. What is the best way to get this information from Xero?
- If we create an Uncertified app we will be limited to 25 connections and we will need more than that.
- The "App Partner" process seems to be focused on creating apps for other users, we currently only see ourselves being the users of this.

Is it possible for the uncertified app limit to be increased? Or is it possible for us to become an App Partner given that we expect there to be one "user" which will be our internal product that will connect with 100+ organisations?
Hi Liam - thanks for your message.

Your use case sounds interesting. I'd encourage you to still get in touch by completing the following form. From there you will be routed to your regional Developer Evangelist who will work with you to evaluate your use case and discuss the potential partnership requirements.


We look forward to working with you & your team.

Christopher Knight (Xero Staff)  

Thanks, Christopher. I have done that today but the automated email response mentioned the resources and community so just wanted to check here, but I'll wait for a response. Thanks again!

Liam Burns  

Hi Liam, did you get a resolution to this? I'm in a very similar position with over 100 Xero using clients and looking to pull data from Xero for each of them for use in an internal-only system. At first glance the "Custom Connection" approach looked appealing, but I can now see that's a one-to-one connection.

Stu Coates  

Hi Stu, I filled out the form and spoke with a Developer Evangelist. We haven't hit the 100 organisations yet but we weren't limited to 25

Liam Burns  

Hi Xero,

I'm in a similar situation, we have an internal application where Xero organisations are on-boarded and connected one by one. The application has no use case to be in the Xero marketplace because it is only for a specific Xero customers i.e. medical clinics.

At the moment, through contacting support we managed to bumped up the limit from 25 to 50, but we're quickly approaching this limit again.

One approach is to create multiple uncertified apps and "load balance" the organisations between these apps, it introduced significant amount of overhead just to track which Organisation is under which app.

And then, I read that each Organisation can only have "up to 2 uncertified apps" so that goes back to having a capped limit.

In addition, we have Organisations that are hitting the 5000 api limit call almost every day.

We would really need to seek guidance on this, I understand the need to have limits around the API but there must be a provided way for us if getting "Certified" and added on the Xero Marketplace does not make any business reason.

Thank you.

Developer Kpeyes