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Started by Reg Jackson -   in Getting Started

I have a requirement for users of my system to be able to post e.g. sales invoices into Xero without having the ability to log into Xero itself, i.e. my customers doesn't want every employee to be able to see the books. Given Oauth2's requirement for every user to log into Xero to complete the initial authentication how can this be done?

Kind Regards
Hi Reg,

You have a few options. If you have time, I recommend watching for the release of custom connections which will help with machine to machine integration (no UI needed to authenticate)


Or you can still use OAuth2, but generate a token one time and then save it along with a refresh token and programmatically refresh the token. This content and video discuss that approach.



Sidney Maestre (Community Manager)  

Thanks for this. The custom connections approach looks interesting, but why limit it to 1 customer connection per organisation? This seems very arbitrary and potentially restrictive for your customers?

Reg Jackson