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maximum two uncertified apps question

Started by Trade Ledger -   in API Authentication


Here https://developer.xero.com/documentation/oauth2/limits it states:

Additionally, each organisation or practice is limited to connecting a maximum of two uncertified apps. There is no limit on connecting certified apps.

What exactly does it means? We have 5 uncertified apps, does this means that only two can connect at same time? Or does it means that once two connect, then the other 3 can't connect?


This number refers to the number of uncertified apps an org can connect to.

For instance, my company has a Xero org (ACME corp). As the subscriber, I can authorize access to my org data with many certified apps as I wish.

But if I (or anyone) creates a Xero app, without completing certification, it is considered "uncertified". My org ACME corp can only authorize a max of 2 uncertified apps to access my data.

The Xero app can be one I create for a bespoke integration, or could be an 3rd party uncertified app - but the limit is 2 when uncertified.

Sidney Maestre (Community Manager)