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Error Code 500 - unauthorized_client : Unknown client or client not enabled

Started by Drivatic Drivatic -   in API Authentication

Hi all

I've been using the Auth 2.0 API authentication for about a month now. All was working fine until last night.

I've implemented the Postman setup to get the Refresh Token as per the link below and it worked fine for a while :

At the moment I am not able to get the refresh token. When I add my Client ID and Secret in the Auth 2.0 Environment and then move to collections to get the Refresh Token, I get the an error 500 Code saying "Unknown client or client not enabled".

Is there known issues with the API? I don't see any in the status page.
Also, is there any settings for a company that can bet set to not allow API usage that I can investigate?


To refresh a token requires some different params. Are you sure you have all the following setup correctly?


POST https://identity.xero.com/connect/token

key: Authorization
value: "Basic " + base64encode(client_id + ":" + client_secret)
^ you will need to base64encode them somewhere first (https://www.base64encode.org/)

key: Content-Type
value: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Body: (form url encoded)
refresh_token=Your refresh token

Christopher Knight (Xero Staff)  

Hi Christopher

I finally managed to get the issue fixed. Not sure what I did but it worked. lol

Thank you for the reply.

Drivatic Drivatic