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Xero.NetStandard.OAuth2 - Nuget Package Version Numbers Out of Sequence?

Started by Matt Daniels -   in Wrapper libraries

Hi folks
I'm wondering if there is a nuget versioning issue with Xero.NetStandard.OAuth2?
The latest stable version number on Nuget is 4.1.4, released Sunday 19th December 2020.
But the source code in Github states the latest version is 3.1.5 from 4 days ago.
And if I look at version 3.1.5 on Nuget I can see it was released on 18th March 2021.
Am I missing something or has the versioning got a little broken?
Hey Matt, could you please send over the nuget.org package link that has the version out of sequence?

The official ones are:

Main SDK

OAuth 2.0 client/interface

Jenks Guo (Xero Staff)  

Thanks it was a problem with my nuget package sources in VS, sorted now.

Matt Daniels