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The grant access dialog always appears

Started by Jav Nazemi -   in API Authentication


First post and first attempt at OAuth 2. I've only just got my head around OAuth 2, so this is probably something I'm doing, not doing or not set up correctly, or probably all three!

Once we've logged in, every time our app accesses Xero we get a request page asking to grant permissions. Is this expected behaviour? If not, what are we doing wrong?

Many thanks,
Hi Jav

It sounds like you may not be using the offline_access scope.

If this is included during Authentication, your app will benefit from Refresh Tokens that can be handed in, providing you with another Access and Refresh Token, giving you another 30 minutes of access. The Refresh Token hand in can then be automated providing you with constant access.

For more information on Refreshing Tokens, please see the Refreshing access tokens section of the link below.

Xero Developer: Code Flow

Kind Regards


Matthew W Ramsay (Community Manager)