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New API Explorer and Query Parameters

Started by Brian Bosman -   in Getting Started

With the new API Explorer it appears that we can define our own query parameters.. however there is no documentation on how to achieve this. For example: On the BatchPayment endpoint I would like to query a specific batch payment by guid. I add a new query parameter and select "where"..

What do we put in the box? I tried batchpaymentid=xx... with every variation of quotations and using "id" instead of "batchpaymentid"

Does the where not refer to a query? Is there a plan to publish documentation for this tool?
Hi there,

The query parameters in the API Explorer tool are the same ones available in the public API - the documentation for how to retrieve a filtered set of resources (including how to use the `where` parameter) is here: https://developer.xero.com/documentation/api/requests-and-responses#get-modified

Hope that helps!


Russell Dear (Xero Staff)