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simple oauth 2.0

Started by Christian Christian -   in Partner Program

Hi guys,

Ive got a complicated situation upon trying to migrate from oauth 1 to oauth 2,
im currently managing a custom build software in PHP,
the Xero connection was written based from https://github.com/XeroAPI/XeroOAuth-PHP,
the issue is the PHP in this machine doesnt have composer installed to be able to get all the dependencies, i can do this manually but it seems theres no list of what i should install for the oauth 2.

The oauth 2 from this page https://github.com/XeroAPI/xero-php-oauth2 contains at least dotenv and league, but it maybe contains more than those two.

Can anybody list the required dependencies? or prob theres a better way to use the oauth 2 without extra dependencies?

Best Reply as chosen by Christian Christian (Original Poster)

I'm no PHP expert, but could you run the process on another machine that does have Composer installed? You could then copy the folder structure over to the machine that doesn't have composer.

I would also suggest raising this as an issue on the Github repo (https://github.com/XeroAPI/xero-php-oauth2/issues?q=is%3Aissue+). I'm sure they'll be able to advise of a more elegant way of achieving this.



Robin B (Community Manager)