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Can't create notes and history

Started by Dan Archer -   in Wrapper libraries

I'm using the Xero api (Xero.Api.SDK.Core 1.0.6) and can successfully create invoices, however I'm unable to create a history / note on the invoice or even query the history.

var note = await xeroApi.HistoryAndNotes.CreateNoteAsync(
new HistoryRecord
Changes = $"Created by {userName}",
DateUtc = DateTime.UtcNow,
Details = $"Created by {userName} in {configuration.EnvironmentName}",
User = userName
I receive the following response: "Xero.Api.Infrastructure.Exceptions.NotFoundException: The resource you're looking for cannot be found"

The xeroInvoice.Id is a valid Guid for an existing invoice (which I am able to retrieve).

Any insights much appreciated.

This has also been posted on Stackoverflow