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Java - sample code for private application

Started by Ronan Quirke (Community Manager) -   in Wrapper libraries

We have been quite light on some good code samples in Java to date.
Luckily most Java devs are pretty onto it, but it is always great to be able to offer easier ways to get started.

We've just received a quick how-to guide on Java for private API apps from a developer that got something working and wanted to share.

If you have any tips, suggestions or code to improve this sample, leave them here!
Hi Ronan,
I would like to have and share my C# app work with the private API apps but no luck from me as yet.
Can you please let me know what i need to get the requestToken.

Do i need the following:


I'm passing all the following but still getting 400 bad request.Can you confirm this is what i need or am i missing something.

CRM Connector  

Hi 'CRM Connector' - please stop posting the same question on multiple threads - it is not helpful to anyone and just confuse other users.

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)  

I would just like to say that i tried this example and i had to use different jar files to make it work for me. I used the following jar files :

Avinash MS  

My java private application was actually a combination of rossjourdain's project and this example. I used the key generation info from Eric Nadalin's example and used rossjourdain's code and above mentioned jar files to make my app work.


Avinash MS  

Also I would like to mention that I had to remove ----begin RSA key ----, end RSA Key comments in the pkcs8-private key file, before using it with rossjourdain's code. Without which i was encountering invalidkeyexception

Avinash MS  

Hi Ronan,

I have taken the example code and i tried it but I got this page as response


can you just look into this issue. I got consumerKey and consumerSecret from xero by uploading the PublicKey.cer file.

Mani Kotte