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OAuth 1.0a deprecation deadline

Started by Dan Archer -   in API Endpoints

I received the following notification for my private app:

You can no longer create new OAuth 1.0a apps and any custom API integration (private app) that you’ve created will need to move to OAuth 2.0 before OAuth 1.0a is deprecated on 31 March 2021.

However, there is also this that references extending the deadline: (https://developer.xero.com/announcements/custom-integrations-are-coming/)

"We’re working on a premium option for custom, machine-to-machine integrations. We’re hoping to have this ready early 2021.
We’re extending the OAuth 1.0a deprecation deadline, for existing private apps, to 90 days after this new custom integration option becomes available. "

Can anyone confirm what the deprecation date will be for existing private apps, is it the 31 March 2021 or 90 days after the new premium option for custom machine to machine integrations is available?
For anyone interested I've had this response from support:

Hi Daniel

Thanks for getting in touch.

Yes, if your integration is a Private application type, it will still be working for 90 days after we release the custom integration option.

OAuth 1.0 Public & Partner applications still will stop working at the end of March.

We’ll share more details, pricing and timings early 2021. Keep an eye on this page , our roadmap and make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletters.

Kind regards

Dan Archer