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Include CIS information when creating new contact

Started by Richard Golstein -   in API Endpoints

I am currently creating an integration to Xero and am using the API to add / update contact details from another system.

I cant find any way to add CIS Subcontractor information. I know there is a way to retrieve saved information from Xero by using a GET on https://api.xero.com/api.xro/2.0/Contacts/:ContactID/CISSettings however i need to have a way to set these values either when creating the contact (ideally) or after via an update.

Is this currently possible via the API?


Richard Golstein
Blue Precision Technologies Ltd.
Hey Richard,

Yes you're correct you can only currently retrieve CIS information via the API. You will have to update it in the web app.


Keertika Chandola (Community Manager)