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Emergency contact and upload photo from Employee Payroll AUS API

Started by Irene Felita -   in API Endpoints

Hi all,

I am trying to integrate our application to Xero using Employee Payroll AUS API.
When I see on Xero interface, the employee form has emergency contact and upload photo, but I can't find how to post it using the API.

Can someone explain how and give example of the element when posting it if possible.

Thank you.

Irene Felita
Hi Irene,

These elements aren't currently available in the API. Feel free to add a request to user vioce show your support for these features.


Adam Moore (Community Manager)  

is this already available in 2018 : ) ?

Fedri Qrueger  

Hi All
Apart from emergency contact details, the API doesn't permit transfer of employee holiday group, tax lodgement status, payment frequency and payment date for this period in pay template, superannuation. These would all be welcome additions. Is it a big issue to add these to the API?
Many thanks

Scott Southam  

Is this still not available in 2022? :)

Vincent Lim