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Xero.NetStandard.OAuth2 For Each

Started by John Sutton -   in Wrapper libraries


I am upgrading to use the OAuth2 from C# Xero Client.

My original code uses api.Accounts.Find().ToList() to get a list of accounts, I then do a foreach loop on the list of accounts.

With the new api I am using, Accounts Ledgers = await api.GetAccountsAsync(_accessToken, _xeroTenantId.ToString()); to get a list of accounts.

My problem is that I cannot do a foreach on the returned Accounts the error is "foreach statement cannot operate on variables of type 'Accounts' because 'Accounts' does not contain a public instance or extension definition for 'GetEnumerator'"

Any help/advise would be much appreciated.

Solved it myself.

If anyone else finds this it was quite simple originally I had:-

foreach (var account in Ledgers)

Changed it to:-

foreach (var account in Ledgers._Accounts)

note the _Accounts

John Sutton