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Started by Darren Lawrence -   in API Authentication

Since you are working on a "Premium" offering for oAuth2 to allow an easier way to integrate with no user interaction.

Are you still going to expire any oAuth1 apps in March?

I seriously hope you don't because its not even ready to try yet so how can you force oAuth1 apps to expire before we have had chance to determine if the "Premium" option is even viable.

No timeframe
No Pricing (this is a VERY important factor to consider going forward)
No detail on how complex or simple its going to be.

If it turns out its too expensive or complicated you are going to loose some customers and will also direct which direction some of us will take to allow us to keep using Xero API.

If I don't implement oAuth2 before this cut-off we will loose valuable time and money with some of our applications (these are only in house use apps , not a plugin or sold solution for anyone and DO NOT REQUIRE USER AUTHENTICATION)
Following on from this

I found this


I was only concerned as the My Apps area show they will expire march. is 3 months enough time?

Darren Lawrence  

Hey Darren,

We are confident the 3 month extension for existing private apps will give devs enough time to migrate and will do our best to create the supporting content and tools to to make the transition as simple as possible.

OAuth 1.0a extension (existing private apps only)

We’re extending the OAuth 1.0a deprecation deadline, for existing private apps, to 90 days after this new custom integration option becomes available. We want to ensure you have enough time to choose the best OAuth 2.0 option for you and your customers. We’ll share this extended depreciation date as soon as we know launch timings.

Christopher Knight (Xero Staff)