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Connecting private app, "Education Business System" (EBS) to Xero

Started by NIHAL THAPA -   in Getting Started

Hi, I am new and want to know how I can connect a private app "Education Business System" (EBS) to Xero and what information I need to do so. We are a Higher Education Provider and are using the "EBS" app to manage students including raising sales invoices and managing receipts.
Do the producers of that app have an updated version? The concept of "private apps" used the old-style OAuth1 which is being phased out in preference to OAuth2, which becomes mandatory at the start of March. I believe there was a temporary way to connect a private app as a stopgap, but I'm not sure if that's still active and in any case would only work for about six weeks. You could contact Xero support directly and ask them.

Mike Edwards