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Hubspot Marketing and Hubspot CRM Integration

Started by Chris Regan -   in Find a Developer


I'm looking for assistance in integrating Xero with my business' Hubspot marketing and Hubspot CRM system. Initial investigation of this integration revealed that Xero requires a signed certificate to be passed between client and server, whereas most APIs simply ask for an authentication token, and this poses a challenge.

Has anyone successfully integrated these platforms?

If so, I'd be eager to speak with you regarding a development project.


Hi, This is something we have expertise in and would love to collaborate on. Where can I reach out to you for details?

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RIKSOF Private Limited  

Chris, I am wondering if you had any success with this? My company is also looking at this integration. While I know Zapier is a solution we would like a non-subscription based solution.

Corey Verdusco  

Hi Corey, from my research Zapier isn't able to do this. We ended up hiring a small developer group to implement this for us. Cost a couple grand but works quite well. Invoices in Xero are automatically pulled into Hubspot CRM as their own category of Closed/Won Deals call 'Xero Invoices.' These are associated with the primary email contact record in Xero in Hubspot, so you need to have that end of the CRM sync'd up and cleaned up. (Random Gmail addresses pose a problem and need to be manually assigned to CRM Company records, e.g.)

I can pass along the contact info for the US-based group we worked with if you'd like, I imagine it would take them less time the next time around.



Chris Regan  


Thanks for the insight. I'd say we are a little bit away from being able to pay that type of cost for the integration. But I would appreciate the information so when we can we will be able to pursue it.


Corey Verdusco  

Hi Chris,
Is it possible to pass on the company who did the Xero integration?

Gary Pacey  

Hi- checkout https://www.lyntonweb.com/


Chris Regan  

Thanks Chris, extremely useful share.

Clinton Bosworth  

Anyone looking for hubspot CRM integration with Xero, please click on the below link and vote for this on hubspots site as it is up to hubspot to create this integration.


Tim Hunte  

Also struggling with this- very surprised that Hubspot does not cover this integration. Zapier does a little of it but I cannot get it to work - it only pulls that Org Name. PieSync also does a little bit; http://www.piesync.com/xero/hubspotcrm/ . Both of these are fairly pricey subscriptions.

Alexandra O'Connor  

Hi - We use Xero and looking at Hubspot - our accountant said that Hubspoit now links into Xero quite well - has this now been developed as the previous posts are about 9 months old?

Geoff Layland  

I would talk to your accountant and figure out how that works out well? I am not aware of this being addressed. Hubspot does integrate with their sister product WorkFlowMax, we tried if for a couple months but didn't keep using it because WorkFlowMax is lagging in being updated to match the Xero interface. Also my issue with using Hubspot through WorkFlowMax was that I could not add a contact from Hubspot until after they accepted the deal but I had to use WorkFlowMax to create paperwork for the deal.

Corey Verdusco  

Hi! This topic is going on forever and Xero was impressively unresponsive to this... did anyone find a workable solution that does not cost money yet...?

Ingo Braeunlich  


We have developed a HubSpot <> Xero integration - check out the demo here:

Daryn Smith  

Hi Daryn,

Looks great (truthfully the detail went over my head) But whats your plan with this integration? Is it something that will be available for people to purchase for a reasonable price in the near future?

Chloe Donovan  

Absolutely! Customers can now pay a small monthly fee and have HubSpot and Xero sync.

Daryn Smith  

How do we go about setting this up?? Where can I find more information about prices etc



Chloe Donovan  

Chloe, can you send me an email daryn.smith@mpull.com and we can setup a call.

If I can understand what you want to achieve, then we can see if our standard HubSpot-Xero integration will work or if it needs any customisation.

Daryn Smith  

There's an off-the-shelf solution now for AUD $29.95 per month at https://xerosync.engaging.io/

Michael Carter