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Login error: needs to complete certification before they can connect to more Xero organisations

Started by Ben Hogan -   in Getting Started

I'm getting "needs to complete certification before they can connect to more Xero organisations" for an app, and I'm not sure how to proceed.

I've sent an email to the api support address for help, hopefully they can help, but in the meantime I'm confused by the error.

I have 3 users testing my app, one has 13 organisations connected and one has 7 connected, and I had 4 connected. I'm guessing one of my client users made an additional connection and now we have 25 connections across 3 users?

Why is this error screen showing up before I am logged in? Before I even try to add an additional organisation? Should I still be able to login again to my already connected organisations? I probably got myself into this issue by trying to "logout" and login again (I'm guessing this clears my local tokens and creates a new one) but now I probably have left behind a stale connection that is blocking my login. Is there a way to clear an old connection?

In the "Organisation settings / Connected apps" screen it shows my app 3 times, is this once per user?
Can I disconnect the app here to clear the connections? Is there a way to know which of the three copies of the connection is mine so I can reset my own connections?

Sorry for all the questions, and look forward to a reply from api support.
FYI: I tried disconnecting the first of three entries for my app in "connected apps" and it seemed to have worked! I guessed that my login would be the first entry, but once I connected again there are still only 2 entries, making me think I probably disconnected one of my clients. It would be really helpful if the username was included in the connections list.

Ben Hogan  

Hi Ben - yeah you got it your app must have 25 connections across the board.

In order to get > 25 api connections for a single API app you will need to complete certification.


In the interim i'd recommend creating a separate API application for each of your environments. Dev, staging, prod.

Once you complete the form at the link ^ above, one of our Developer Evangelists will reach out to get you on the certification path :)

Christopher Knight (Xero Staff)