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Looking for a Till/Safe/Float app for cashing up

Started by Joe Bird -   in Add-ons

Hi all,

I am the Director of a bar but I don't work in house, I'm looking to find an app that could link to Xero that my supervisors and bar managers can use to cash up the till, change float and safe totals each night, by denomination. When entered these details can be sent to Xero and into their relevant 'bank accounts'. In doing so we should always have a live feed of where our money is and what we should find on site.

It would be fairly simple,

Till float:
£20 - £220
£10 - £20
£5 - £10

Total - ££250

I'm sure this would be a great app and applicable to so many businesses. It would allow staff to do their cash sheets etc (which i'm sure everyone does anyways) but it's always kept up to date in Xero, without the staff having to meddle in accounting software.

If it could be even further advanced you could, for example, enter your daily X reports, which is sent to Xero as a 'sale invoice' and any cash payments and receipts would be deducted and sent to Xero also ready for our approval. In turn on the App they receipts would be deducted from the 'cash in draw' total and staff can then float the till accurately.

This would mean half of our accounting would be done daily by our staff and we can monitor our moneys whereabouts at all times pretty much.

If anyone has any info or the potential to build this app, like I said, i'm sure there would be a lot of interest.

Thanks for any help.

Joe - did you sort this?


Matt Flanagan  

You may have found a solution however we have product in beta test exactly for this purpose. Currently targeted at cafes, restaurants, pubs, certain retail (eg pharmacy), and are finalizing the Xero integration. If you are interested, please let me know. New forms etc are easy to add. Can give you overview of functionality and approach.

Jason Daniels  

Has there been any progress in this? I am looking for a way to enter
- my daily float in and out (this changes daily)
- cash expenses paid out of the till
- Cash taken from customers

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