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Database connection with Xero for Invoicing

Started by jason bluedd -   in Find a Developer


I work with the front-end operation of a small database for daily record keeping for a company. The current accounts work goes with Xero online. I just wonder if it is feasible to connect the database (LibreOffice Base with MySQL) with Xero via ODBC or JDBC.

I do not plan to operate with the OAuth of Xero, as I find it extremely time consuming to obtain a licence with OpenSSL and to go back and forth with the encrypting process.

Simple, practical approach is appreciated.


Maybe this could help.

Kind Regards

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Henzard Kruger  

Hi Jason,

Take a look at CData - their ODBC/JDBC drivers might do the trick.



Sidney Maestre (Community Manager)  

When I follow the instructions on the CData site for installation of JDBC, I find that I need OAuth for the URL inserted in the New Database under the Database Management Property of Eclipse.

Then I turn to Xero site and other sources finding the OAuth URL and I cannot find any.
One of the page suggests that the URL is the IP address of the computer I am using, others suggest that OAuth is the encryption of computer ID sending in a form of signature.

I remember there is OpenSSL things to be done on Xero, but at that time I didn't go far for it. Is it the same thing as the OAuth? How could I obtain an OAuth signature?

jason bluedd  

Hi Jason,

Sorry to say - there is no getting around OAuth as it's is the only way to connect to Xero's API. CData gives you an ODBC interface for connecting your app to a single Xero org (with Xero private apps). http://cdn.cdata.com/help/DXA/odbc/pg_xerooauthxls.htm

I've tested CData to connect with Excel and found it easy and did not require any coding. But you will need to use the OpenSSL instructions to generate the public/private key pair.


Sidney Maestre (Community Manager)  


On the Xero Developer Page -> My Applications
-> Setup an Application -> Pubic

Enter URL and Domain of company -> Save

Then on the right side there will be OAuth Credentials:

Consumer Key
Consumer Secret

Request Token URL:
Authorise URL:
Access Token URL:
API Endpoint URL:

Goto the Access Token URL

There is blank page with one line:

For the JDBC connector I need three information:
1. Consumer Key (completed)
2. Consumer Secret (completed)
3. Access Token URL (not completed)

what happened to 3) ?


jason bluedd  

Hi Jason,

If you are using CData JDBC connector - then I would suggest referencing their support documentation about connecting a Xero Public Application. Any support questions specific to their product are best serviced by their support team.

CData support docs for JDBC driver can be found here ...

You can submit a support ticket to their team here ....


Sidney Maestre (Community Manager)