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"Sign In / Sign Up with Xero" Partner requirements

Started by David Mills -   in Partner Program

Posting this here as the developer support contact form seems to be throwing HTTP 400 errors on submit.

I'm working on upgrading a number of B2B integrations (used by around 30 of our customers) in our software products to Xero OAuth 2.0. Looking at the documentation, I can see that we would be limited to 25 connections until we receive Partner status.

Looking at the requirements for the Partner programme (and the Partner sign-up process), I can see mention of the "Sign in with Xero" and "Sign up with Xero" features. Are these features required in order to achieve Partner status?

I ask because the sign-up process for our applications is not self-serve, our support staff typically discuss requirements with each business we onboard and then configure a system to meet those requirements before handing it over to the customer during a training session. Because of this I do not believe it will be possible to implement "Sign Up / In with Xero" features into our apps, however we still need to upgrade the integration before your deadline in March.

Would it be possible for us to complete the other aspects of the Partner Programme sign-up without the "Sign Up / In with Xero" functionality, or is there another option available to us that does not require this functionality?
Hi David - sorry the form did not work. Was it this one? https://developer.xero.com/contact-xero-developer-platform-support/ - know that at any time you can reach our api team by emailing api@xero.com.

As for your question, we do have alternative options for that requirement for app partners who don't have a self service signup flow like yourself.

Please complete the app partner registration form on this page: https://developer.xero.com/partner/app-partner/

You will then get routed to your local developer evangelist who will work directly with you to satisfy and complete the partner program requirements.

Christopher Knight (Xero Staff)  

Hi Chris - yeah, that was the form. I tried it multiple times Monday evening, alongside refreshing the page etc. Was seeing 400 Error response codes cropping up in the console when hitting the submit button.

That's great news about the partner registration, thanks. We're still working on updating our integrations at the moment but I'll register through the form once it's in beta.

Thanks for your help.

David Mills