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Need developer to help customise Stripe transactions for reconciliation in Xero

Started by Eva Kosinski -   in Find a Developer

we need an experienced developer who can help customise the existing Xero / Stripe integration. We use Stripe as a payment gateway and the invoices in Xero are set up through another platform called Glue Up (formerly EventBank) with an existing integration between the two. Now the Stripe transactions do not match the invoices as the fees are deducted from Stripe prior to transferring the balance to our bank account. At the moment we have to manually alter the invoices in Xero to match the balance from Stripe. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Eva,

I'm Jonathan from Maze Digital a Xero Developer Partner. As a developer I can assure you that the way the Stripe Integration functions is correct.

You should NOT be editing your invoices to match what you receive in the bank. Because your sales amount is the full sale as sent to the customer.

Your mistake/issue is within the reconciliation process. The stripe fees are a separate thing that you need to reconcile separately.

Jonathan Mifsud  

Hi Eva, see if this helps https://tv.xero.com/detail/video/5131011864001/reconcile-a-statement-line-that-includes-a-bank-fee-in-xero

Reuben Cummings  

Hi Jonathan & Reuben,

thank you for your responses.

@Jonathan: I understand that I don't mess with the invoices, maybe I wasn't clear in my description of the problem. I need a way to align automatically the invoice amount with what actually ends up in my bank account. Due to the fee subtraction of Stripe prior to sending the money to my bank account, the sum does not match the invoice anymore. So I need an automated process that applies a line to the invoice, where it identifies part of the invoice as a fee. Or any other solution that automates a process to be able to reconcile the money received and the invoice in Xero.

@Reuben: Thank you for the video link. That helps indeed understand the problem better and is a solution, however would mean a lot of manual work. We need something that automates this process.

Eva Kosinski  

Glad the video helps Eva. Please email me at rcummings@nerevu.com so we can discover the ideal automated solution for you.

Reuben Cummings  

Hi Eva,

If the issue of process automation hasn't addressed yet, We can assist you with the project. We are a Sydney based company and we've been listed on the Xero developer website as their trusted partner. as you can see here: https://apps.xero.com/au/function/custom-made-integration

And by the below links you can get access to our previous projects with the core objective of Xero integration and work order management:

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You can contact me via email.

Best Regards,

Narges Aliola