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Require script to return customers, products and price data

Started by Sam Fairweather -   in Find a Developer

I require a script that will extract an overall summary across all invoices of customer, product and the latest price they have paid for the product. As each customer has different pricing per product it will be much quicker for accounts to raise invoices as they can use this report as a reference.
Hi Sam,

We have add-on for Xero called Pricing Matrix that allows you to maintain individual product pricing for customers. You can find out more details about this system on Xero add-on solutions under Latest and Invoicing + Jobs.

you can also find out further details on our site at http://smartreports.com.au/pricing-matrix-system-for-xero/

One feature of the product involves taking recent sales invoices and using the prices used for products as the starting point for pricing configuration.

Happy to discuss further. Drop us a note at info@smartreports.com.au

With warm regards,

Siva Sivakumar
Smart Reports Solutions

Siva Sivakumar  

Hi Sam

If Siva's solution above doesn't work, we could write something custom for you.


Nathan Dunn