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See which organisations are connected to my app?

Started by Bruce Martin -   in API Authentication

So I know a Xero user can see which apps they're connected to. But how do I as a developer see which org's have connected to my app? And can I control these connections? I currently have random webhook activity coming in from an Org that I'm not familiar with, and want to look into this.
Hi Bruce,

Unfortunately there's no way to get a single list of all the orgs connected to your app.

The closest thing you can do (assuming you're on OAuth 2) is cycle through the Connections endpoint with each of your access tokens to find all the orgs each user has connected.

But if you have no token or record of that org on your side then there's not much you can do.

It is something we'd like to make visible in the developer portal in future but no timeframe on that.

Adam Moore (Community Manager)