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Can't select demo company

Started by Jim O'Halloran -   in API Authentication

I've been developing a CRM integration to Xero and have everything working fine on my local machine connected to my demo company. When I go through the OAuth 2 flow I can choose between two companies, my client's live company file (to which I don't have sufficient permissions), and my Demo Company file.

Today we were attempting to set up the integration on the staging site to one of the customer's own users so it can access their demo company (since you can't share access to a demo company). I tried with the OAuth application being set up in my account on developer.xero.com and also in the customer's login. Both times, when the user is asked to connect the application on the Xero side, they don't get the option to see the demo company, it seems like we can only connect to the live file.

Is the option to connect to the demo company only available if you don't have sufficient access to any live companies? Alternately, is there something we need to do in the demo to make it visible to the API so we can connect to it?

It's been 2 weeks now. Can someone from Xero offer any assistance with this? Willing to pay for support.

Jim O'Halloran