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XOauth on headless systems

Started by Brian Kenn -   in API Authentication

I'm coming to the conclusion from my total failure to get XOauth to work that it's been written to only work where an X11 terminal is available. That means that it's useless on headless systems, which seems odd for a utility that's meant to enable scriptable API access.

Can anyone from Xero please confirm that this is indeed the case, and that you don't have a solution for M2M access to the API for CLI scripts?

A response on this limitation would be useful in determining a path forward, as I'm sure many, many customers are using script automation to load and process invoices as part of their normal business processes, and for us, going back to some sort of manual process to load invoices is seriously a non-starter.
Hi Brian,

XOAuth isn't designed for headless systems unfortunately so the user will still need to interact with a browser to grant consent and obtain tokens.

We are looking at better ways we can support this use case though so keep an eye out for updates in the coming months 👍


Dan Young (Xero Staff)